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The Inspirations: Beyond The Frame  


Let me introduce you to the "Inspirations" Beyond The Frame, Alyssa, Annalea, Paul, Abbilynn, Justus, Jacob and Hailey Ann.


It is because of these babes that our company was born. Read on for a view of how the first two girls were behind the birth of this company.


It was a hot summer day in 2010 and we were visiting the beach for some summer fun. Before we decided to leave, the girls decided they wanted to take some pictures, afterall everyone had to have pictures with seashells and other fun things!


Alyssa and Annalea, standing in their wet bathing suits posed for the pictures. We got several pictures of them with their summer fun look.


We were getting ready to leave and Annalea, the younger of the two turns to me and says..." Nana, why can't you be in the picture too"? As I stood there trying to explain why I couldn't be in the picture, it got me thiking about how many other people out there couldn't be in the picture because they were busy taking the picture. How many other kids were out there trying to get their family photos at the beach...or the park...or the mall? Whatever the case...somewhere other little kiddos were sad too. We decided we wanted to make a difference. That day we chose to make a difference in other peoples lives. We wanted to bring photography to those who needed it...and at family friendly afforable prices. After many photography classes, purchasing equipment and many many photos, here we are celebrating serving our clients since 2010!


The "Inspirations" Beyond The Frame are my beautiful grandbabies..and since then, I have been blessed with  more Inspirations! Now, each day, I strive to give affordable, quaility photography to my clients.



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